As we worship and fellowship in our particular communities, may we keep one another in prayer, and recall "Unity is not uniformity, or conformity."Among our Christian sisters and brothers may there be mutual respect, friendship, and oneness in Spirit and Truth. May this simple agreement of unity lead us to become "Ecumenical Partners".

In the strain of strident voices throughout the world calling for violence, may we dedicate ourselves to peace and reconciliation among all peoples.  May the Lord lead us to find mutual respect that allows us to worship in Spirit and Truth. As we endeavor not to compromise our strongly held belief's may we realize we may differ greatly from one another, but we worship as brothers and sisters in the "Body of Christ". May the Lord guide us as we journey together. God is love. Where there is love, God is.

Everyone and anyone is invited to become an Ecumenical Partner; as an individual, a church or an organization - really anyone! There are no dues, no meetings; just finding affirmation in these shared ideals. If these words resonate with you please Join Us! as an Ecumencial Partner.

WELCOME to some of OUR Ecumenical Partners!

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